Founded in 2009, iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (NASDAQ: ICLK) is a leading Enterprise and Marketing Cloud Platform in China. We offer a consumer full lifecycle solution that addresses our clients’ needs from traffic acquisition, customer relations management and business decisions optimization driven by data analytics in today’s smart retail era. With our industry-leading marketing solutions as our entry point, we drive customer retention and loyalty with our data enterprise solutions and grow customer lifetime value with our intelligent enterprise solutions.

Our marketing solutions serve as an integrated cross-channel gateway that provides marketers with innovative and cost-effective ways to optimize their online marketing efforts throughout their marketing cycle and achieve their branding and performance-based marketing goals. Our integrated data driven marketing solutions help marketers engage and activate potential customers, monitor and measure the results of marketing campaigns, and create content catering to potential customers across different content distribution channels, including those from leading online publishers in China, through both PC and mobile devices. Our marketing solutions appeal to marketers by offering omni-channel reach to the Chinese audience. We work closely with our content distribution partners to facilitate innovative and effective audience engagement.

Leveraging our data analytics and experience and expertise in online marketing, we launched our SaaS-based enterprise solutions in May 2018. Our data-driven enterprise solutions help enterprises maximize the value of their data to gain actionable insights to improve CRM, decision-making and establishment of data-management platforms. Through the enterprise solutions, we are able to foster deeper relationship with clients beyond online marketing. As an increasing number of clients adopt our enterprise solutions, we expect to be able to continue to enhance the quantity, quality, and diversity of our data assets and refine our product and service offerings to improve customer experience. Our ability to develop tailored enterprise solutions to our key account clients foster strong relationships with them.